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Hangover Protection is a potent nutritional combination of essential B vitamins, antioxidants and herbs that is specially designed to replenish nutrients that maybe lost due to excessive alcohol consumption.*

Specific Clinical Objectives of Body AppHangover Protection

    • Vitamin C is one of the essential nutrients depleted by alcohol consumption. Because it is the body’s primary water-soluble dietary antioxidant, this depletion results in severe oxidative stress in daily drinkers.
    • Alcohol consumption depletes Thiamine (Vitamin B1) and produces the same symptoms as non-alcoholic Thiamine deficiency. Thiamine deficiency damages brain cells and other nerve cells throughout the body.
    • The consumption and metabolism of alcohol results in the production of acetaldehyde, a highly reactive compound. N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC), an analogue of the dietary amino acid cysteine, binds to acetaldehyde, thus blocking its damaging effects.
    • Milk Thistle contains silymarin a unique type of bioflavonoid and antioxidant that scavenges damaging free radicals. Silymarin has been shown to combat lipid peroxidation in the liver. It has also been demonstrated that silymarin may help promote healthy liver cells.
    • Andrographis paniculata supports the immune system, protects against microbes and is used as a liver tonic in Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine.
    • Artichoke Leaf contains Chlorogenic acid and cynarin the two most active compounds found in this extract. In clinical studies these powerful compounds have shown to demonstrate a significant antioxidant effect capable of protecting liver cells from damage.


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    Tremendous product. Absolutely works great. I’m not a crazy drinker, but when out of town with clients I have to take them out and entertain them and then wake up early the next morning for meetings, travel, etc. I notice that I feel much better when I use this product. As a side note, I notice that it works better if I put it on before I start drinking and I have two waters throughout the night – even on hard, long nights. I will continue to use this product from now on. Feel free to use this as a recommendation. Thanks for providing this! Edit: I was given this product to use as a sample, but I have since purchased this product multiple times. Just to clarify that I was not “paid” to write this review.

  2. (verified owner):

    I can’t drink but a half glass of red wine now without getting a headache due to the sulfates. A friend recommended trying this product and it worked! I can now have my glass of red wine each day again! Thank you for making this affordable. Janet R. Germantown

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    I’m a college student and I use these patches all the time. My friends are always amazed bc I literally have work every saturday and sunday morning after we all go out together and I never have any trouble waking up/staying up and going to work/I ever get head aches. I buy these things like 10 packs at a time, so one night I let a couple of friends try them and they woke up the next morning feeling a lot better than usual. not sure if it was a coincidence or placebo affect or whatever, but in my opinion these hangover patches are actual magic haha. I love them and would recommend them to anyone. Especially college students!

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