Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who can use Body App topical patches? Anyone age 5 and older can use Body App topical patches. If you are taking other medications or have any health conditions, you should consult your doctor before using any vitamins or supplements. If you are pregnant or nursing a baby, we recommend that you consult with your doctor prior to using any nutritional supplements. No prescription is needed and all Body App topical patches are safe to use when the directions are followed.
  • How do I use Body App topical patches? It is very simple to use any of our topical patches! Carefully peel the topical patch from the holder and apply to a dry, clean, hairless area of your skin that is free from lotions or oils. The upper arm, back and torso are excellent and convenient areas to apply the Body App topical patch.
  • How often should I use my Body App topical patch? Most people use their Body App topical patch each and every day, just like oral supplements. Our topical patch releases the vitamins and supplements through the skin throughout the day over six to nine hours typically. Some topical patches should be put on first thing in the morning and worn throughout the entire day where as others may need to be applied later in the day for the best benefits. As an example, if you have cravings for food later in the day or early evening, you may not want to put the Weight Control topical patch on in the afternoon to make sure it lasts through your worst time for cravings. If you have high energy in the morning, but get tired after work, you may want to apply the B12 Energy topical patch before or right after lunch. Sleep assist patches would be used most effectively an hour to thirty minutes prior to bed time.
  • Can I use more than one Body App topical patch at a time? Yes, many clients wear more than one Body App at a time just as a person would take more than one supplement in a day. If you have questions or concerns you should speak with your personal physician or nutritionist about what is best for you.
  • How long can I wear Body App topical patches? They are typically put on in the morning and taken off at bed time. Many people put them on in the morning and wear them through the night with no adverse affects; however we recommend wearing them no longer than twelve hours. Your skin has most likely absorbed all the vitamins or supplements within six to nine hours. If you have any skin irritation from wearing them too long, please try to remove them sooner or try another location.
  • Will Body App topical patches irritate my skin? It should not. The adhesive has been tested by an independent laboratory on humans and the results indicate that the adhesive is not-irritating and non-sensitizing to humans. However, if you have any adverse reaction, we will gladly refund your money per our money back guarantee.
  • Do Body App topical patches contain latex?  No! Our topical patches are free of latex, gluten and lactose.  Some of our patches contain fish oil and they are clearly indicated on our fact panels on the back side of our packaging and on our technical data on this website.
  • Can I work out in Body App topical patches? Absolutely! As a matter of fact the material is designed to move with you and not be noticed at all. It is easy to forget you have it on.
  • Are Body App topical patches water proof? No, Body Apps are not water proof and will lose effectiveness if soaked. We recommend removing the old wet topical patch and applying a new one.
  • Where should I store Body App topical patches? We recommend that you store them in the original carton that they were shipped in.  They should be kept away from excessive heat or cold and away from moisture. The more stable the environment, the longer they will stay effective.
  • Do Body App topical patches expire? Yes, the expiration date is written on the inner packaging of all our products. They are good for two years from the manufacture date.
  • Is there a way to test a smaller dose of Body App topical patches to make certain myself or my child has no sensitivity to the products? Yes, the Body App can be cut in half with a sharp pair of scissors and have only half the Body App applied to test for sensitivity.
  • I am signed up for automatic monthly shipment for my Body App products and I need to cancel or suspend my shipments – how do I do that? We will be happy to stop, suspend or delay your shipments of your Body App products at any time.  Please simply send an email to info@body-app.com with instructions on what you would like for us to do.  We will make the changes and send you a confirmation email within 48 hours.