Why Choose Body App™?

  • Many of us know the issues associated with taking vitamins; unpleasant taste, belching and even nausea for some. One of the biggest problems with many oral supplements is the low absorption of nutrients into the body. Many of the active ingredients in the supplement can be destroyed in the stomach, reducing effectiveness.  With Body App™ topical patches, this problem is avoided by bypassing the digestive tract all together and also allowing the active ingredients to be released over a longer period of time, providing more benefits while you exercise, work or play. Aging, as well as many health conditions can decrease the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and nutrients.
  • Body App™ topical delivery system may be the most effective way to get vitamins and nutrients many people desperately need on a daily basis.
  • Body App™ is easy to use and incredibly effective. No more need to fight with your kids over chewing their vitamins or fish oil gummies. No need to carry vitamins and supplements around with you everyday so you can take that second or third dose before lunch – or was it after lunch? And no need to worry about toxic fillers.  Just peel and stick one Body App™ per day to meet the health and nutrition goals for yourself and the ones you love.
  • We use all natural vitamins and our topical patches are latex free, gluten free, lactose free and non-irritating and non-sensitizing to the skin.

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